• Composer/Producer for video games, including FTL, Gravity Ghost, Into the Breach, Dead Secret and others
  • Composer for documentary film Banking on Bitcoin
  • Live performer
  • Guest lecturer at universities such as UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, San Jose State University, and the Australian Institute of Music
  • Advisory Board member, UC Santa Cruz Games + Playable Media Masters program
  • Game music and music production educator, Music Workbench 
  • Mr. December, Men of Game Dev Calendar 2017
  • Livestreamer
  • Taco enthusiast
  • Beefy hunk, according to Buzzfeed

I'm a fully independent, self-employed musician. Since 2012, I've released 14 albums and soundtracks, for a total of 226 pieces of music. My FTL soundtrack has sold over 160,000 copies. 

I spent ten years working toward a self-sustaining career in game music, and now I'm dedicated to helping others achieve that goal. I write about my career on my blog, share my methods on my show Music Workbench, answer questions on ask.fm, give lectures at universities, and generally try to help other musicians and game developers when I can. 

My newest project is performing live electronic music at game music festivals and chiptune-friendly venues. I've played shows in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and San Antonio, with upcoming shows in Houston and Los Angeles. 

I'm dedicated to fostering a friendly, inclusive environment in game developer culture, and I hope to encourage a diversity of voices and social awareness in the community.